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After failing abysmally to kill himself, the mad guy realised that his planning was not proper. He convinced himself that if he can plan properly then dying shouldn’t be too difficult.


While getting back to his hostel room, he took a wrong turn and lost his track. Instead of asking for help, he tried to figure out the route for himself. But to his bad luck the route became more and more unfamiliar. He was so hopelessly adamant that he completely refused to take help even when people volunteered to show him the right direction. He madly travelled towards his ‘destiny’, day and night.. with renewed enthusiasm.. everyday. Time lost all its meaning. He got tuned to his new routine. He would take rest whenever he becomes too tired, eats whatever he can lie his hands on, when hungry and then continue his journey. After long time he finally accepted his defeat and reluctantly tried to take people’s help to find his hostel but to his utter shock people in that region looked very different and talked a very different language!! He also realized that he didn’t remember his hostel’s name anymore!!

 He caught hold of an old man.

Mad guy:  “sir,  hathradhalli yaavdhaadhru boys hostel idhiya?”

Old man: ” bâo róng?? dái? ”  ( pardon?? )

Mad guy: ” gothilva?? ”

Old man: ”  wù líng huì ” !!  ( I dont understand!!)

Mad guy : (this time doing some action.. using all his ‘body language’ ) ” WHERE AM I???         NAA-NU YELLI-DHI-NI??  ”  ( and then muttered.. barely audible.. ” bandhu settle aagodhikke aythu.. nam bhaashae kaliyokke aaglilva.. boLi maganae” )

Old man:  (who clearly understands english)  ” sî Zhóng guó.. Sir, this is china.. Chongquig district..”


Mad guy lost all his hopes of reaching his place again in life. Now, only option left is, to somehow manage to die. But mad guy had no idea how!!


The next few days were not the best days of his life. He was totally confused. He was having some serious problems. His roommate was acting strange. When this guy was trying ‘real hard’ to put on his pants, the disgusted roommate would say”what the hell are you trying to do with that pillow case?? ” . When the mad guy was getting a hold on the sudoku problem that he was trying to solve from past one day, the irritated roommate would scream “why are you marking numbers all over my calendar?!!”. Our guy didn’t understand what was wrong with the roommate.

Another day he cut his toe nail while shaving. He would have jumped with joy if he had cut his ear because it was so near to his beard. But no it had to be his toe nail!! All in all, he was not happy. You wouldn’t be happy if at one moment you think you are attending a very important phone call and the very next moment you realize you are pressing one of your slippers against your cheek. Finally he was taken to a psychiatrist. Doctor figured that the guy was confused beyond measures. He prescribed a dosage of tranquillizers and asked the mad guy to come back after 10 days. ‘Getting addicted to drugs’ was the last thing our guy wanted. So he discontinued taking prescribed medicine.

Things went so out of hands that our guy became even more dejected. He thought he was losing his memory. He couldn’t remember much of his past. He decided to check if he remembers any of those exercises from the yogaasana classes. He slowly and gracefully went through the different aasanas. Gracefully?? Really?? Because his muscles were all aching, his head was hurting. For all the effects, he could as well have toppled down the stairs. He decided to check if he can ride his bike. He carefully sat on his bike. It was difficult to balance. Now slowly he moved, eventually picked up acceleration, everything was perfect. Bike handle was rock steady. Bike didn’t even shook or waver. He was so full of enthusiasm. He wanted to prove something to himself. He wanted to take more risk. Huh! Where is fun without risk?? So he slowly removed the stand and BANG!! He fell off. Well that can always happen. Bike accidents are so common. Anyone can meet with an accident – our guy thought optimistically.


A guy was dying. A simple innocent guy was dying. Something was terribly wrong. He couldn’t sleep for a moment. Probably, he was suffering from insomnia. He couldn’t concentrate on anything anymore and he simply couldn’t go to sleep. He was dying. He was tired and weak. He couldn’t focus. Everything was hazy. He felt a sharp pain in his left arm. He was glad – at least he was feeling something, because lately he wasn’t feeling anything. And now he thought someone was pushing him hard. He couldn’t understand what was happening?!! Suddenly he woke up and routinely and mechanically answered his attendance call!!!

Well, apparently he was not suffering from insomnia!! But it is true that something was wrong. It all started two months ago. Before that he was a sincere and brilliant student. But he had one bad practice i.e., listening to every lecture. Exactly two months ago, a new lecturer had come to their class. Within first five minutes of the lecture, most of the class realized that they were not supposed to listen to anything he says. But this guy was very adamant. He listened to everything the new lecturer said and tried to make sense out of it. The new lecturer felt very uneasy. He was not used to this kind of behavior. When the boy foolishly continued to listen to his every word, the teacher got very irritated and he stopped talking at once. But this guy, the nerve of him, still continued to look at the lecturer very intently with rapt attention. Lecturer decided to teach him a lesson. He used all his talent and said something very irrelevant and something so very out of sense that even our guy couldn’t understand and he went mad.

Note: We can no longer ignore the ‘mad man’ mentioned in first chapter ( see chapter one). We can no longer assume he didn’t exist. Because this mad guy and the ‘mad man’ mentioned in the first chapter are one and the same. The reason for his depression is no longer a mystery!!

(This is the point where you would want to put a bullet through my head)

Beijing, China


       It was another busy day at the Qianmen street, Beijing. Merchants on the sides of the street were busy displaying their commodities for sale. Nobody had time to look at that weird tourist who appeared to be lazing in a corner. From the looks of his clothing he appeared to be from far off place (may be southern part of India).

      He was telling anybody who would listen that he was a genius. Hey! Wait a minute! He was not a complete nonentity. A few people were saluting him as they hurriedly walked past him. And out of nowhere a couple came to him with a baby. They seemed to respect him a lot. After the initial greetings, they gave him some presents and then they asked him to name their son or daughter, whichever it was. Even our genius didn’t bother to check if the baby was he or she. He simply took out a few odd looking things from his sack – a utensil, a thick old coin and a toy duck (probably made of rubber).  He dropped them one after the other. Those mysterious things produced some weird sound as they made contact with the stone pavement. Something like Ting Tzu Tidin and that became the baby’s name. ( what a stupid name!! ok now you know why most of the Chinese names are like that ).

       Perhaps our genius was not observing but before they left, the baby gave him one long murderous look. It was very clear from that venomous look that baby wanted to ‘PUT A BULLET THROUGH HIS HEAD’, for ruining his name like that.

Long, long ago, not so long ago, but for all practical purposes we can consider it as long enough, of course how long it is, is immaterial for our story, there lived a mad man who was very dejected. The reason for his depression was a mystery.Nobody knew anything about him. So for our story we’ll assume he didn’t exist!!!!

There also lived a teenager at the foot of mountains and he died mysteriously. So at this stage of our story we don’t have any significant characters… but the story goes on..

One fine morning it was raining heavily which turned into a drizzle by afternoon. All the inhabitants of the village were inside their houses. Mr. Snapshot said ” I don’t like Sir Patrick. His manners are lack. He never talks to me.” At that very moment, there was a sound of gunfire and BANG!! Mr. Snapshot was dead. Mrs. Snapshot who was listening very intently eventually dozed off. In her dream, she saw a horrible scene in which Mr. Snapshot was shot.  She woke with a start. She was drenched in sweat even though it was not that hot. She was shocked to see a revolver in her left hand and few papers in her right hand. Earlier that day, she had started her first novel called ‘PUT A BULLET THROUGH HIS HEAD’.

So that was Mr. Snapshot who deserved to be snapped but got shot instead. Alas! At least he lived up to his name.

Now, can anybody guess the main character of the story??

Hi all..  I got to know that its not compulsory to post sensible  stuff here!! So I have decided that i also should have my own BLOG!  🙂  I am not quite sure what all I will write here.. I observed that ppl write their experiences and ‘thoughts’.. now the problem is I don’t THINK so much and most of my thoughts are one-liners!!

So I’ll start off with a story. It is only fair that I am warning all  in the very beginning that the ‘story’ is not for faint-hearted!! there is violence and madness…deaths and murders.. be prepared for abrupt twists!!

And oh! yea.. the title of the story is ‘PUT A BULLET THROUGH HIS HEAD’

Need all your support!

— cheb

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