After failing abysmally to kill himself, the mad guy realised that his planning was not proper. He convinced himself that if he can plan properly then dying shouldn’t be too difficult.


While getting back to his hostel room, he took a wrong turn and lost his track. Instead of asking for help, he tried to figure out the route for himself. But to his bad luck the route became more and more unfamiliar. He was so hopelessly adamant that he completely refused to take help even when people volunteered to show him the right direction. He madly travelled towards his ‘destiny’, day and night.. with renewed enthusiasm.. everyday. Time lost all its meaning. He got tuned to his new routine. He would take rest whenever he becomes too tired, eats whatever he can lie his hands on, when hungry and then continue his journey. After long time he finally accepted his defeat and reluctantly tried to take people’s help to find his hostel but to his utter shock people in that region looked very different and talked a very different language!! He also realized that he didn’t remember his hostel’s name anymore!!

 He caught hold of an old man.

Mad guy:  “sir,  hathradhalli yaavdhaadhru boys hostel idhiya?”

Old man: ” bâo róng?? dái? ”  ( pardon?? )

Mad guy: ” gothilva?? ”

Old man: ”  wù líng huì ” !!  ( I dont understand!!)

Mad guy : (this time doing some action.. using all his ‘body language’ ) ” WHERE AM I???         NAA-NU YELLI-DHI-NI??  ”  ( and then muttered.. barely audible.. ” bandhu settle aagodhikke aythu.. nam bhaashae kaliyokke aaglilva.. boLi maganae” )

Old man:  (who clearly understands english)  ” sî Zhóng guó.. Sir, this is china.. Chongquig district..”


Mad guy lost all his hopes of reaching his place again in life. Now, only option left is, to somehow manage to die. But mad guy had no idea how!!