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After few days of this newly gained ‘positive attitude’, our guy decided to commit suicide. He met with a large group of teenagers online who were all willing to commit suicide. So it was all decided. They all gathered at a hotel on a hill top. A few people who wanted to jump off the cliff remained outside; all others went in to a large hotel room, locked the door and flushed the key just for the thrill of it. Few people were ready with poison. One fellow had a fully loaded gun. Knifes, ropes and stuff were all over the place.

Our mad guy observed that people didn’t have enough guts to die. They were all waiting for something. But our guy was so depressed that he couldn’t wait anymore. He borrowed the fully loaded gun from his neighbour. “Ok, this is it”, he thought. “Now is the time”. He placed his fore finger on the trigger, pointed the gun at his temple and pulled the trigger off. BANG!! The girl who was standing beside him was dead. Probably his ‘aim’ was not good. He tried a few more times. A couple of people died and more got injured. Everyone was screaming. They were all begging him to leave them alone. They wanted to die in their own fashion. At least not like this. They somehow found out that they didn’t want to die at the hands of the maddest person ever on earth. Our guy was too busy to care for them. Now he was trying so hard to die, to shoot himself, that half the people there got injured. Finally bullets were over. He felt really sad. He glanced at others to see how successful they were getting. A large group of people were fussing over the commode (probably for the key). Few were hitting window panes with anything and everything. Wardrobes were full of terrified people. Some people were badly injured and a few were dead. He felt jealous. When they realized that he was looking at them, there was a mad scramble for exit. They were all screaming and begging, but nobody dared to go any nearer to him. Most of them were so afraid of death now that they had decided to live forever. Finally hotel manager opened the door with a spare key and died because of the rampage. That is how our mad guy became an underworld don. Now police were behind him (it only meant that police were trying to get as far from him as possible).



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