The next few days were not the best days of his life. He was totally confused. He was having some serious problems. His roommate was acting strange. When this guy was trying ‘real hard’ to put on his pants, the disgusted roommate would say”what the hell are you trying to do with that pillow case?? ” . When the mad guy was getting a hold on the sudoku problem that he was trying to solve from past one day, the irritated roommate would scream “why are you marking numbers all over my calendar?!!”. Our guy didn’t understand what was wrong with the roommate.

Another day he cut his toe nail while shaving. He would have jumped with joy if he had cut his ear because it was so near to his beard. But no it had to be his toe nail!! All in all, he was not happy. You wouldn’t be happy if at one moment you think you are attending a very important phone call and the very next moment you realize you are pressing one of your slippers against your cheek. Finally he was taken to a psychiatrist. Doctor figured that the guy was confused beyond measures. He prescribed a dosage of tranquillizers and asked the mad guy to come back after 10 days. ‘Getting addicted to drugs’ was the last thing our guy wanted. So he discontinued taking prescribed medicine.

Things went so out of hands that our guy became even more dejected. He thought he was losing his memory. He couldn’t remember much of his past. He decided to check if he remembers any of those exercises from the yogaasana classes. He slowly and gracefully went through the different aasanas. Gracefully?? Really?? Because his muscles were all aching, his head was hurting. For all the effects, he could as well have toppled down the stairs. He decided to check if he can ride his bike. He carefully sat on his bike. It was difficult to balance. Now slowly he moved, eventually picked up acceleration, everything was perfect. Bike handle was rock steady. Bike didn’t even shook or waver. He was so full of enthusiasm. He wanted to prove something to himself. He wanted to take more risk. Huh! Where is fun without risk?? So he slowly removed the stand and BANG!! He fell off. Well that can always happen. Bike accidents are so common. Anyone can meet with an accident – our guy thought optimistically.