A guy was dying. A simple innocent guy was dying. Something was terribly wrong. He couldn’t sleep for a moment. Probably, he was suffering from insomnia. He couldn’t concentrate on anything anymore and he simply couldn’t go to sleep. He was dying. He was tired and weak. He couldn’t focus. Everything was hazy. He felt a sharp pain in his left arm. He was glad – at least he was feeling something, because lately he wasn’t feeling anything. And now he thought someone was pushing him hard. He couldn’t understand what was happening?!! Suddenly he woke up and routinely and mechanically answered his attendance call!!!

Well, apparently he was not suffering from insomnia!! But it is true that something was wrong. It all started two months ago. Before that he was a sincere and brilliant student. But he had one bad practice i.e., listening to every lecture. Exactly two months ago, a new lecturer had come to their class. Within first five minutes of the lecture, most of the class realized that they were not supposed to listen to anything he says. But this guy was very adamant. He listened to everything the new lecturer said and tried to make sense out of it. The new lecturer felt very uneasy. He was not used to this kind of behavior. When the boy foolishly continued to listen to his every word, the teacher got very irritated and he stopped talking at once. But this guy, the nerve of him, still continued to look at the lecturer very intently with rapt attention. Lecturer decided to teach him a lesson. He used all his talent and said something very irrelevant and something so very out of sense that even our guy couldn’t understand and he went mad.

Note: We can no longer ignore the ‘mad man’ mentioned in first chapter ( see chapter one). We can no longer assume he didn’t exist. Because this mad guy and the ‘mad man’ mentioned in the first chapter are one and the same. The reason for his depression is no longer a mystery!!

(This is the point where you would want to put a bullet through my head)