Beijing, China


       It was another busy day at the Qianmen street, Beijing. Merchants on the sides of the street were busy displaying their commodities for sale. Nobody had time to look at that weird tourist who appeared to be lazing in a corner. From the looks of his clothing he appeared to be from far off place (may be southern part of India).

      He was telling anybody who would listen that he was a genius. Hey! Wait a minute! He was not a complete nonentity. A few people were saluting him as they hurriedly walked past him. And out of nowhere a couple came to him with a baby. They seemed to respect him a lot. After the initial greetings, they gave him some presents and then they asked him to name their son or daughter, whichever it was. Even our genius didn’t bother to check if the baby was he or she. He simply took out a few odd looking things from his sack – a utensil, a thick old coin and a toy duck (probably made of rubber).  He dropped them one after the other. Those mysterious things produced some weird sound as they made contact with the stone pavement. Something like Ting Tzu Tidin and that became the baby’s name. ( what a stupid name!! ok now you know why most of the Chinese names are like that ).

       Perhaps our genius was not observing but before they left, the baby gave him one long murderous look. It was very clear from that venomous look that baby wanted to ‘PUT A BULLET THROUGH HIS HEAD’, for ruining his name like that.