Long, long ago, not so long ago, but for all practical purposes we can consider it as long enough, of course how long it is, is immaterial for our story, there lived a mad man who was very dejected. The reason for his depression was a mystery.Nobody knew anything about him. So for our story we’ll assume he didn’t exist!!!!

There also lived a teenager at the foot of mountains and he died mysteriously. So at this stage of our story we don’t have any significant characters… but the story goes on..

One fine morning it was raining heavily which turned into a drizzle by afternoon. All the inhabitants of the village were inside their houses. Mr. Snapshot said ” I don’t like Sir Patrick. His manners are lack. He never talks to me.” At that very moment, there was a sound of gunfire and BANG!! Mr. Snapshot was dead. Mrs. Snapshot who was listening very intently eventually dozed off. In her dream, she saw a horrible scene in which Mr. Snapshot was shot.  She woke with a start. She was drenched in sweat even though it was not that hot. She was shocked to see a revolver in her left hand and few papers in her right hand. Earlier that day, she had started her first novel called ‘PUT A BULLET THROUGH HIS HEAD’.

So that was Mr. Snapshot who deserved to be snapped but got shot instead. Alas! At least he lived up to his name.

Now, can anybody guess the main character of the story??